Friday, July 10, 2009

As time passes of course things change but the progress is less and less dramatic. For the ones of you who have children you know that as they get older the landmarks are less and less remarkable.

Sammy is for all intents is completely recovered from her shabby beginnings. She is round, she is going VERY well under saddle, she is happily wearing a fly sheet to keep those nasty horse flies off, and she is the sweetest thing. She is not fond of the vet but other than that she is wonderful.

She is even brave enough to be the lead horse on a trail ride.

We are hoping that soon she will be consistent enough make her show ring debut at some local shows, but we are in no hurry. I am hoping to get some video of her being ridden for all of you to see, as I am just so proud of her accomplishments.

For those of you who follow this blog, thank you for all of your attention, good wishes, and positive thoughts. It has been a real journey for both of us and keeping this record of it just helps to see how far she has come. Looking back I am amazed at the changes in her personality and appearance.

I will continue to update when something big happens and I will leave this up in the hopes that it will inspire some to make a difference in the life of just one horse. I am starting a new blog called "My Horse Life" and it will have details of all the activities and accomplishments of not just my horses but of the horses I train for clients and friends.

Tune in I am sure there will be Sammy tails in there too. Thanks again for all of your good wishes, I know they carried us through the roughest parts.