Sunday, December 13, 2009

And it is Christmas time again...

Time for blankets and warm barns. Sammy is of course if you remember very proud of her blanket. We drug out everyone’s blankets the other day for their annual fit check before cold weather arrives. Sammy in her usual fashion stood stock still for the donning of her pretty red blanket. Yep still fits, just slightly better than last year, no repairs or alterations needed. So off it comes to be folded and placed on her hanger. However the funniest thing happened. Cindy my friend and Sammy’s rider had never seen her in her blanket and when I told her about how Sammy acts when you put it on, didn't "really" believe my carefully explained account of her behavior got a wonderful surprise. Unlike most occasions when horses and kids tend to make a liar out of you Sammy held true to form. She turned her head to watch me for every buckle and hook when I was taking it back off. Then when I pulled it away she perked her ears, and as I walked away with the blanket she stood rooted to the spot with, what could never be confused as anything else, a look of confusion. She watched me walk out her door and nickered. Cindy burst out laughing, "Look at her! She wants it back."

Sammy watches every horse try on their blankets and as we would take them away she would nicker. I have never seen a horse so proud of a blanket. Sure you can say what you like but there is no denying it though. She is proud to have it, even though she is just like her mother and has enough hair for two horses.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

And herrrrreeeessss Sammyyyyy

She has graduated to a bit, has turned into a fantastic riding horse, and wow what potential she has.

Everyone says a picture is worth a thousand words. Well what is a video worth.

See for yourself. Our little girl has grown up.

Friday, July 10, 2009

As time passes of course things change but the progress is less and less dramatic. For the ones of you who have children you know that as they get older the landmarks are less and less remarkable.

Sammy is for all intents is completely recovered from her shabby beginnings. She is round, she is going VERY well under saddle, she is happily wearing a fly sheet to keep those nasty horse flies off, and she is the sweetest thing. She is not fond of the vet but other than that she is wonderful.

She is even brave enough to be the lead horse on a trail ride.

We are hoping that soon she will be consistent enough make her show ring debut at some local shows, but we are in no hurry. I am hoping to get some video of her being ridden for all of you to see, as I am just so proud of her accomplishments.

For those of you who follow this blog, thank you for all of your attention, good wishes, and positive thoughts. It has been a real journey for both of us and keeping this record of it just helps to see how far she has come. Looking back I am amazed at the changes in her personality and appearance.

I will continue to update when something big happens and I will leave this up in the hopes that it will inspire some to make a difference in the life of just one horse. I am starting a new blog called "My Horse Life" and it will have details of all the activities and accomplishments of not just my horses but of the horses I train for clients and friends.

Tune in I am sure there will be Sammy tails in there too. Thanks again for all of your good wishes, I know they carried us through the roughest parts.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Adventures...

Well, there has been a lot of little stuff go on at the barn, but nothing that was big enough for a post on it's own. So here is the cumulative update.

Sammy is over her cold, and is steadily shedding all of her winter hair to reveal her nice black summer hair. We have finally gotten a REAL saddle that fits her, a new Bob Marshall. Sammy also has a new friend.

An old friend of mine has finally gotten some spare time and wants to ride again. She is much smaller than I am so she is a perfect fit for Sammy. She came out on Monday and worked with her for the first time. It was fantastic! Sammy took up with her and easily did all the things she had done with me. MF was very impressed by Sammy's willingness and want to please.


They started in the round pen and then moved out to the barn lot



and then finally they moved out to the area where we do most of our riding. This is her following her Dam around the outside of the field.


It is quickly approaching 1 year that Sammy has been home. There have been lots of worrisome days but she is over all of that now.

Just look at her go.

Friday, April 10, 2009

It had to happen sometime...

She has been so healthy considering what she has been through, but I guess it finally caught up to her. She has a cold. Her eyes are weepy, her nose is producing copious amounts of snot and she has a cough. I called the vet right a way and he advised that I should wait just a bit to see if her body was going to fight it off. He suggested that as long as the snot wasn't yellow or green to let her body do the work. It would be good for her immune system.

Well as a mother it is hard to hear her cough, but as a barn owner with other horses to worry about it is REALLY hard to hear her cough. Although no one else seems to be showing any symptoms it still worries me. Her appetite is good and she still gets out in the field and runs with the rest of the bunch.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The first real trail ride...

happened, and it went off without a hitch. After the final adjustment have been made to Sammy's special saddle we were off into the woods alone. Yes, I said alone. I do most of my riding alone these days. Especially since I am back into training horses. I have to ride during the day and well, there just isn't anyone else around. So all saddled up and off we go down the long scary path that leads to the back part of the property. It passes along the side of the woods and of course it is spring. What do squirrels do in the spring? They play like mad squirrels, LOL.

I was so proud of her, because she would stop and look at the ruckus in the woods and then walk on with no problem. She is such a brave and trusting soul. She has really grown up over the past year into a wonder sound minded horse. I don't think I will ever be able to take her on some of the rougher terrain that I ride in but she is a wonderful horse for light riding. She doesn't have much spook and is very sure footed. This is much to my surprise, because the first few times we had weight on her back she wanted to trip on everything. I think she just had to learn to pick up her feet.

I remember back when I brought her home that I said I had always wished that I could have had Misty (her Dam) when she was young. I also said that I should have watched what I wished for because Sammy looked like a handful. Well, I retract that statement now. I am glad I wished for her to be like her mother, because she is. She is sweet, trusting, loving, honest, and forgiving. She gives her whole heart to please, and I continue to learn everyday that I am the lucky one in this relationship. She is truly amazing to have come through all the hardships and still be the sweet horse that I knew she was meant to be.

I am hoping to take her to some local shows this year. I know she is small but I want to expose her to that kind of stimulus. Because of her size she is perfect for a child to ride and if I can get her used to all the stuff that goes on at horse shows then she will have the perfect job as a school horse for the kids that come through my barn.

She is so naturally gaited and easy to ride that a young kid would have no trouble in a gaited class. So far I have not put a bit in her mouth. We have been riding with a bosal so that she could get used to the direct pressure without damaging her mouth if she pulls against it. Believe it or not she is already picking up neck reining.

Sometimes I forget who I am riding and ask for a turn by reins. Of course most of the time a young horse will turn the wrong way and I will instantly realize what I have done. Not Sammy, I ask without thinking the other day and she went with it. I realized it as soon as she moved that she shouldn't have known that. WOW just wow. She is amazing!

I know I probably have a horrible case of barn blindness, and you guys know I love her more than life, so of course she is the best horse in the world. Or at least my world.

So spring has sprung folks. Get out there and ride. Tell me about your adventures. I would love to hear about the horses you are working with and any problems you might be dealing with.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The things we do...

Or have to do as the case may be. Fixing fences, cleaning stalls, barn improvements, general maintenance, the list is never ending. I have new boarders and that brings with it a whole list of other stuff that I need to do to make the facility work better. We have all experienced it, we go to the barn with the best intentions to ride and spend time with our beloved horses only to find that list of stuff that needs to be done.

Today was like most others in early spring, cool, damp, and over-cast. The barn showing the normal signs of winters neglect, and the growing pains new horses bring. I had every intention to do "a couple of things" and then ride. Yeah, right! I did eventually get around to that ride but it was only after I had completed several items on my list. One of which brought the most fulfilling warmth to my heart.

Years ago I used to feed the four horses that we had in the field. There are still the four posts standing in the pasture and until today they had their bucket hooks still attached. Of course as I walked out to the field some of the horses noticed my arrival and came up to the gate to see what was going on. I had to return to the barn for a different tool and they all seemed to become bored with what I was doing. When I returned to the feeding posts with the tool needed, I began to remove the bucket hooks. Suddenly I felt the softest nudge at my elbow. I turned to see Sammy standing at my shoulder. She was the only horse around and was just standing there so close wanting attention. My heart just melted and she softly touched my arm with her face. Her touch was a soft and gentle as a hand laid on my shoulder. As I continued to work around the four poles, she followed along just watching me. When I finished and headed toward the gate she returned to the rest of the herd like nothing had drawn her away.

We get so caught up in the day to day necessities, obligations, and responsibilities that we sometimes forget why it is we do these things. Today Sammy reminded me why we do it. We work so hard for those tender moments when our horses tell us they love us back. For those moments when they just want to be where we are, to share the same space just because. Those moments are unforgettable, and often the most simple surprises. They remind us that sometimes we just have to stop and smell the flowers along the way.

As hard as we work to provide for them, to keep them safe, and insure their health. Don't forget to enjoy them, as they are truly special gifts. Every once in a while if your listening they will tell you how much they appreciate it.