Saturday, March 14, 2009

The things we do...

Or have to do as the case may be. Fixing fences, cleaning stalls, barn improvements, general maintenance, the list is never ending. I have new boarders and that brings with it a whole list of other stuff that I need to do to make the facility work better. We have all experienced it, we go to the barn with the best intentions to ride and spend time with our beloved horses only to find that list of stuff that needs to be done.

Today was like most others in early spring, cool, damp, and over-cast. The barn showing the normal signs of winters neglect, and the growing pains new horses bring. I had every intention to do "a couple of things" and then ride. Yeah, right! I did eventually get around to that ride but it was only after I had completed several items on my list. One of which brought the most fulfilling warmth to my heart.

Years ago I used to feed the four horses that we had in the field. There are still the four posts standing in the pasture and until today they had their bucket hooks still attached. Of course as I walked out to the field some of the horses noticed my arrival and came up to the gate to see what was going on. I had to return to the barn for a different tool and they all seemed to become bored with what I was doing. When I returned to the feeding posts with the tool needed, I began to remove the bucket hooks. Suddenly I felt the softest nudge at my elbow. I turned to see Sammy standing at my shoulder. She was the only horse around and was just standing there so close wanting attention. My heart just melted and she softly touched my arm with her face. Her touch was a soft and gentle as a hand laid on my shoulder. As I continued to work around the four poles, she followed along just watching me. When I finished and headed toward the gate she returned to the rest of the herd like nothing had drawn her away.

We get so caught up in the day to day necessities, obligations, and responsibilities that we sometimes forget why it is we do these things. Today Sammy reminded me why we do it. We work so hard for those tender moments when our horses tell us they love us back. For those moments when they just want to be where we are, to share the same space just because. Those moments are unforgettable, and often the most simple surprises. They remind us that sometimes we just have to stop and smell the flowers along the way.

As hard as we work to provide for them, to keep them safe, and insure their health. Don't forget to enjoy them, as they are truly special gifts. Every once in a while if your listening they will tell you how much they appreciate it.

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