Sunday, December 13, 2009

And it is Christmas time again...

Time for blankets and warm barns. Sammy is of course if you remember very proud of her blanket. We drug out everyone’s blankets the other day for their annual fit check before cold weather arrives. Sammy in her usual fashion stood stock still for the donning of her pretty red blanket. Yep still fits, just slightly better than last year, no repairs or alterations needed. So off it comes to be folded and placed on her hanger. However the funniest thing happened. Cindy my friend and Sammy’s rider had never seen her in her blanket and when I told her about how Sammy acts when you put it on, didn't "really" believe my carefully explained account of her behavior got a wonderful surprise. Unlike most occasions when horses and kids tend to make a liar out of you Sammy held true to form. She turned her head to watch me for every buckle and hook when I was taking it back off. Then when I pulled it away she perked her ears, and as I walked away with the blanket she stood rooted to the spot with, what could never be confused as anything else, a look of confusion. She watched me walk out her door and nickered. Cindy burst out laughing, "Look at her! She wants it back."

Sammy watches every horse try on their blankets and as we would take them away she would nicker. I have never seen a horse so proud of a blanket. Sure you can say what you like but there is no denying it though. She is proud to have it, even though she is just like her mother and has enough hair for two horses.

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