Wednesday, November 5, 2008


With 22 acres of pasture, (even after a frost we still have some good grass), you would think that Sammy wouldn't go looking for more.

Well apparently she decided yesterday she needed to go for a stroll. Thank god the other 7 horses did not follow her through the hole she made under the fence.

Thankfully the neighbor noticed my little black and white Houdini and as he started his four wheeler, she proceeded to the barn. When he caught up to her she was standing in the hallway, so he shut the door and closed her in the barn. He then let my husband know Sammy was awol.

On panicked phone call from the non-horsey husband, I was on my way to the barn to find the problem. They (hubby and neighbor) went around the field to find the hole but didn't find one. So apparently she just magically appeared in the yard. Yeah Riigghhtt.

Since I have two other escape artists, I know what to look for on the fence. It just so happens that the two horses that Sammy is hanging out with are apparently good teachers. I found the exit point. She walked right out under the three strands of fence. Apparently my husband had unplugged the electric fence and since Rusty, Bonnie, and now Sammy know how to find all the weak spots when the fence is not hot. She just went exploring.

I swear, I have more than my share of smart horses. I just hope that someone else has to deal with creative horses too. Lord knows I shouldn't have all the fun. :-)


ezra_pandora said...

lol!! We had a gelding that used to do that. The boarding barn we were at didn't put him in one of the pastures with hotwire and sure enough we look out and says, hmm, it sure looks like he's in an odd place. Yep, he was standing right directly on the outside of the fence. Didn't run away or wander around, just far enough to reach that greener grass that's always on the other side :) There was no hole, he just maneuvered himself to either stretch the fencing up enough to fit under or he went between because it was just three strands. Crazy horses. That's good nothing happened to them :)

SOSHorses said...

I am thankful everyday for my neighbors. They have pulled my fat out of the fire more than once.