Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sammy Discovered Grain...

Saturday mornings feeding greeted me with a full bucket of mash from the night before. The new salt block still hasn't been licked, and the water bucket was still almost full. Frustration, worry, and confusion sets in. I dump out the now soured mash, and replace it with dry grain hoping that she just didn't like the mash, however, she still wasn't eating. A phone call to the vet later, he explained that she just may not know what to do with grain in a bucket, and the salt and water will come with time. He said just keep the bucket full and she will eventually start drinking.

As the day passed she picked at the safechoice grain, but I decided to add just a little sweet feed and maybe it would entice her more than the other. It definitely helped, but she still just picked at it. I left her with her hay, and grain for the rest of my barn chores.

As we prepared to leave for my daughters rodeo, I checked back to see if she had eaten her grain. She had cleaned her bucket and was nickering at me when I walked out of the barn to her pen. I of course gave her just a little more per her six meal schedule and noticed she had only a half of a bucket of water.

Relief. She is starting to figure it out. Now I know she is going to be okay

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