Monday, July 14, 2008

The Compromise...

Sam and I have come to a compromise. After much deliberation over the events of this week it has become clear that my stall arrangement is not working. Sam needs security, and more companionship. So, we have rearranged the barn a bit and Sam has her choice of five noses. She now resides in the middle hallway of the barn where she is much more relaxed and eats her grain. We are having intervals of gate closed and open so that hopefully by the end of summer she will be more accustomed to being in the barn for longer periods of time.

When all of my wounds have healed, we will begin again trying to work through the flashbacks. Sam will eventually believe she is safe. It will take time, and unless a stronger power has other plans for me, time is something I can surely give her plenty of. Meanwhile she is her normal affectionate self. No pressure to be anything she can't handle. It will be ok, I just have to keep telling myself. It is going to be a long road.

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cHAoS said...

GOD BLESS you for taking the time to step back and realize she acts out of fear and not anger. Most people would have just chalked up her actions to aggression. It will be a long road back but lucky for Sammy she has found someone willing to walk that road with her and at her own pace! ;-)