Wednesday, July 30, 2008

In The Distance...

In the distance there stands a herd of 7 seven horses grazing peacefully. In the distance I can still see them well enough to pick out the groups they fall into. Sam, Rusty, and Moon together. Bonnie, and Tanner, then Trace and Misty. Individual groups but still one large family together. I stand close to the front of the pasture just watching them. I wonder what she is thinking as she grazes with her new friends.

Finally my curiosity can be held no longer, I have to know what she will do. Since bringing her home she has always been happy to see me. I know it is because I am "she who feeds" but I don't care. So from the front of the 25 acre field I call her name. It was more than I hoped for. Up pops her head with those beautiful ears, and complete with a mouth full of grass; and then I hear it. The whinny back. I called to her again, and the goosebumps rise as she takes her steps. She is coming the distance just because I ask.

She officially has no ribs any longer, well, if she does you can't seeee themmmm and the rest of her is rounding up. (I promise new pictures soon) She is much much more relaxed in her stall now, although she has taken over Moon's stall, oblivious to Moon's obvious disgust. So Moon being the sweet mare that she is lays back the ears and presses her lips as she sulks off to the other stall. See Moon's stall is beside Rusty and if Sam had her way she would share a stall with him. Although I am positive Rusty would be horrified should I allow that. Never the less, she tries to enter with him and after his door is shut she heads straight for Moon's stall. She stands in the doorway and looks out waiting for me to close the door. Moon bless her heart stands in the hall way looking quite put out and gives in. It is almost like there is an unspoken agreement between them even though she doesn't like it she goes along.

All my bruises are gone, and Sam is finally cleaning her bucket again, with her stall door shut. Oh, what a relief that she is finally stopped saving something for later. I really believe she was afraid to eat it all. But now **sigh** I can breath.

Somewhere in the distance is a day when all of this craziness will be behind us. She will be round like the rest of her family. The nightmares will be gone for her forever. Each day the distance gets shorter.

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cHAoS said...

Can't wait for the pics! She sounds like she is making huge progress thanks to, "she who feeds!"