Monday, July 7, 2008

Sammy Has Friends...

Over the last few weeks I have been keeping a different horse in the small pasture with Sammy. This was in an effort to make her transition into the herd easier when the time came. During these weeks we have had some heart touching moments like Rusty resting his neck over Sam for a nap in the shade. Some down right funny moments, and moments of total disbelief.

Some of the funnier moments have been watching Sam's excitement at a new horse for her to get to know. She earnestly wants to be part of the herd so when a new horse is introduced to her she runs to meet them; eager to exchange greetings. This has provided us with one of the biggest laughs. Tanner, my daughters QH, had his turn in the small lot. He went out to check the gate and when he returned to the barn area, I opened Sam's stall door. She excitedly ran out to greet Tanner, her new friend, and his ears came forward. His head perked, and eyes got bright. I thought to myself, wow he is really going to be nice to her, HA! Tanner went directly for her as though he was going to greet her. It was one of those movie moments with two long lost loves are running open armed toward each other for an embrace. But at the last moment Tanner sidestepped, with his ears still perked and bright eyed, he headed straight for her HAY. Past Sam who has stopped and is looking over her shoulder at Tanners butt, and now is wearing a seriously confused look wondering what has happened. Tanner, well, he just digs in to her hay rack, and she stands in obvious disappointment. I had to laugh, it was way to funny for words; but Sam as always took it all in stride. She joined him for the feast.

Finally the time has come for Sam to join the herd. I didn't make the decision however, it was made by Sam herself. I being the "all knowing human" thought I would know the perfect time for her to join, but apparently I was being too cautious and taking to long to make my move. The normal routine is we feed Sam and while she is in her stall the other horses come and go out of the big barn via the small pasture. Sam has become wise to this and decide the only way she would ever get to go out there was to boycott her stall. After several increasingly difficult attempts to get Sam to go eat, I realized what she was telling me. It is "TIME" mom! So, I held my breath, put up the two most aggressive horses, and turned her out with Rusty, Tanner, Bonnie, Moon, and Magic. They accepted her with very little reaction at all. Tanner quickly showed her to her place and the grazing began. After I was sure there were not going to be fireworks, I turned out Trace with the same reaction as before; and then last but not least Misty. Misty is if you remember Sam's Dam. She has not been the most welcoming member of our herd. There were no fireworks for this Independence day, just lots of grass, and some new friends.

It is good to see the excitement Sam exhibits. It is obvious she is happy, when you look out into the big green field to see her running, bucking, and rearing with her new friends. She isn't of course in a field of old horses. They are all ranging in age from 3 to 10 except for Misty who is 24. There is lots of playful energy for her and really this time, she was right. It was time to join the herd. Her human mom was being over protective.

Sam has come so far. She is gaining confidence, and her personality is shining. I am such a blessed and fortunate person to have all of these wonderful horses in my life. With all the trials we as people endure it is us who are the lucky ones to have the love of a horse.

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