Thursday, October 30, 2008

Guess What!!! You’ll Never Guess!

My long-suffering husband, bless his heart, is not a horseman. He loves them and does what he can to help me care for them. He is the muscle behind the heart and I don’t know what I would do without him. Anyway, last weekend we were presented with the opportunity to get an old doctor’s buggy. I have always wanted one of these but never imagined I would get one. HE BOUGHT IT!! I was beside myself with disbelief.

I have always taught my horses to drive, and have a jog cart that they pull with the hope that one day I would have a nice buggy. So now, it is setting in my garage awaiting some work. The appointment has been made with a nearby Amish man to repack the wheel hubs, and now I am on the search for a harness. The harness for the jog cart is different from the one for a buggy so the search begins.

Can’t you just see Sammy all cleaned up with ribbons in her mane, wearing a shiny black harness in front of an old time doctor’s buggy? Since Sammy is black and white and the buggy is black with tiny red pinstripes, it is going to be a beautiful picture.

Some of you may know that I have always been worried about Sammy’s size for riding. She has seemed to get a little taller with the addition of muscle, but I still worry. Now it won’t matter because she can pull the buggy. She will have a job even if it is just being a buggy horse.

Really if you think about it that is the most glamorous job, because we will use the buggy for parades and special events. I also have a photography business, so she will be a model when I use the buggy for a photo prop.

Ya’ll may thing I am crazy, but I feel like the whole world has just opened for Sammy. After all these years of being thrown out in the pasture, she has a purpose. If you have horses, you know they are always happiest when they feel like they have something to do.

Ok enough rambling for today, I am just so excited I could burst!

**Note** I blurred the background of the image because it was taken where we bought the buggy.


ezra_pandora said...

You're husband is awesome. For not being a horse person, he's great!

The picture almost looks like a toy! They will be a great looking match. If she can pull that, that does opens a whole new world of things she can do and keep busy and "used."

SOSHorses said...

Yeah, it does sort look like that when I blur out the background. LOL

She should have no problem pulling it. believe it or not it doesn't weigh very much and rolls very easily. I can pull it along with very little effort.

Once the wheel hubs are repacked I imagine it will be even easier since the grease will be fresh and all the moving parts will be lubed.

I am very excited about it all and just can't wait. I am hoping to have it ready for the Christmas Parade here in town but I don't know if Sammy will be ready or not. I may have to pull it with Bonnie instead the first few times. But hopefully Sammy will be ready by new years. :-)