Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Look At Sammy Now

Today, the weather was great, a light breeze, and fall was in the air. I decided that Sammy and I needed to go for a stroll around the property and see the sights. The nice thing about fall is it brings out the bogeymen and horse eating gremlins. So I wanted to expose Sammy to all those so that when it is time for us to venture into the world together; she would be more confident that "stuff" isn't going to eat her.

The trip through the woods with the blowing leaves, hickory nuts falling from the trees, and squirrels running across the path in front of us. No problem. Walking up around the new construction of my husbands office building, with the saws, hammers, and drills. No problem. Rogue white Wal-Mart bag from the neighbors trash rolling across the yard with a breeze. BIG PROBLEM.

OMIgosh, I forget how fast that little girl can move! Long lead lines are a very good thing. Sammy covered 15 ft in 1/2 of a second.
Well, I am sure you all are waiting for more pictures so here you go. Our little girl is getting round. Her emerging winter hair is as soft as a teddy bear, and black as coal. I could groom her for hours just so I can feel her hair. Silk I tell you Silk.


Evergrey said...

My boy's hair is coming in. He is fuzzing up a little. At first I thought he just had extra loose hairs, but it seems to be coming in a little more wooly now. :)
I've been following along but not really saying anything, but she looks good! :D

whisper_the_wind said...

Sammy looks great. You are doing a fantastic job...Keep up the great work

cdncowgirl said...

Hi, hope you don't mind but I tagged you for a game of Book Tag. I thought it would be neat to tag the bloggers that I've just discovered and kinda get to know them.
The rules can be found on my blog on the post titled "Tag I'm 'it'"