Friday, October 10, 2008

Famous Sammy

Sammy is going to be famous! Her story is going to be published in Horseman Magazine (an online magazine) very soon. The article has been written, submitted and accepted. They are only waiting on a new photo of her to be processed.

My only hope is that her story will inspire just one person to make a difference. Maybe make a donation to a local equine rescue, volunteer their time, and if they have the means and the skills adopt and rehab a rescued horse. If just one person makes a difference then she hasn't gone through all this for nothing.

She is so strong, and strong willed :-) I am not sure how much of it is because of what she has gone though and how much of it is inherited from her mom. I always wished I had known Misty when she was a young filly. Misty is tender and loving, but still stubborn at 25, so I can only imagine what she was like at Sammy's age. Although, I think I have a good idea, hehe. Anyway, I am not sure how much of Sammy's behavior is because of what she endured, but she continues to have moments of pure hell mare; and bless her heart, when she is sweet she is THE most wonderful creature to be around. So I know our journey will not be without it bumps and bruises. I just have to hang in there and know we will continue to work through it together.

I will post a link to Sammy's Story as soon as I get the notification that it has been published, so stay tuned.

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