Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sammy's Got Back...

The moment came and went with none of the expected drama. I decided that it was just time for me to quit being so over protective and start making some real progress with Sammy's training. So, Sammy donned a saddle yesterday afternoon.

She was unsure, wary even, but took it all in stride. My daughter, who is to my dismay is a much better rider physically than I am, was Sammy's first passenger. Tiff is lighter, and easier at the mount, along with having Velcro on her butt so I being a middle-aged self confessed big chicken, ask her to step in.

Sammy wore a halter, and a long line along with her reins so if it went bad I would be able to help Tiff. I didn't think it would but better safe than sorry, especially when you don't know for sure what may trigger Sammy to explode.

Where she came from there is really no way to know what had been done to her. I know from past experience that some of the people who hung out at the former owners farm were less than able horsemen and would do some REALLY stupid stuff.

With very little fanfare, Sammy walked off. She did not get excited about the weight on her back. She isn't sure about when to move forward but other than that is was wonderful.

We finished after a few laps around the round pen, and making several turns to the left and right. She backed up nicely and Tiff got off.

Sammy dropped her head into my chest and sighed. I was so proud of her! She didn't freak out! Her trust level is growing every day and it is such a wonderful thing to see her deal with scary new things with such a calm attitude.

I have a new goal for Sammy, one with a deadline this time. New Years Day will be a landmark for her. I want to take Sammy on a real trail ride on New Years Day. I want her to step into the new year a new horse. Strong, confident, healthy, and ready to take on her new life.

Stay tuned there is so much more to come.

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