Monday, September 8, 2008

Input Overload...

I can see the writing on the wall for me. I am going to be a lawn dart if I am not very careful. Now lets don't jump to the conclusion that I am riding Sam. I am not; but we are beginning the next stage of ground work, and OH BOY what an adventure it is going to be.

The Surcingle...

Friday afternoon proved to be exciting for both of us (Me and Sam). The new part of the surcingle was finished and ready for use. See I had measured to see if my equipment would fit her last week and discovered that it was WAY to big for her, so I had to make another piece to bring it down to her size. I brought her out of her stall and groomed her which she loves, and during this time I determined her mood was good so springing something new on her was somewhat safe.

I brought out the surcingle in placed it across her back. As before no reaction. I place the new girth plate on one side and adjusted to where I thought it would need to be, and crossed around to the other side to make the connection. At this point Sam began to have a concerned look on her face. As I pulled the strap snug her eyes got big; now keep in mind I have my hand between her and the girth so it wouldn't have a chance to pinch her side; and she shifted away from me. I stopped and soothed her and began again. This time she didn't swing away and she did decide she wanted NO PART of my plan to strap that unholy thing around her middle.

Now we all know by now that Sam's way of dealing with anything uncomfortable is to kick. She did but I was prepared. There are huge columns in my cross ties that hold up the loft. They make great things to hide behind when the but swings your way. They also make great places to hang crops and other correctional aides. We did the kicking dance for about 30 seconds and stopped snorting and giving me the death stare. Oh, bless her heart she is just like her mother, LOL.

She resigned to her obvious fate was not happy about this thing around her but it didn't seem to be so bad after all. I had no intention of attaching anything to it (this time) so I only made it snug enough so it wouldn't slip if she ran with it on. Now that she was somewhat calm again it was off to the round pen. Like a perfect angel she fell right into our routine, yielding her hind and shoulder, and the one thing I was worried about circling. She didn't buck or kick out but she did run, well gait really fast. What she did would be the equivalent of a extended trot for other breeds, but wow she is going to be athletic.

The instant that she calmed down and walked with her head relaxed we switched directions. Again flying circles, but this time only one, and back to her relaxed posture. COOL! The brain is engaged. I immediately stopped at this and took everything off. She had done what I wanted which was deal with the new equipment in a calm manner; and she didn't even break a sweat. She got her scratches and her hug (she loves to have her face hugged) and off to eat grass.

Now here at Southern Oak besides horses we have teenagers. They tend to be as unruly as the horses sometimes, LOL. But I had a house and barn full of them this weekend, so any serious work would have to wait for another day. I am hoping to work with her again on Monday, if it is not raining. My kingdom for an in door arena *sigh* but that I am afraid is not going to happen any time soon. College tuition is the pressing matter of the moment. *Shameless plug* My son began his college education last month at the University of Kentucky majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I am such a proud mom!

So I will keep you all up dated on her progression. Hopefully we will add lines to the surcingle this week and be closer to the cart work. She may surprise me and not make a lawn dart out of me when we get to the saddle part. I can only hope, and ask for lots of prayers.

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