Monday, September 8, 2008

Long Line Aerobics...

Well, it is a sure bet that both Sam and I will be sore tomorrow. I don't' remember Bonnie being this much trouble to start in lines. However I am very proud of her . She did not try to kill me, she didn't rear up, and she DID listen. Under protest but she did listen.

She has also found a new way to express her opinion and frustration. For every 4 steps she actually took 5. She would stomp her front foot pick it up and put it down again. I would have laughed but I was to busy trying keep up with those long strides. WOW, time really does make you forget the pain. I had forgotten how hard it is to follow a walking horse in lines, lol. She walks I jog.

Really though she did good, although because of her protests her nose is going to be tender tomorrow. But something else good came from her workout today; she discovered that a cool water bath isn't a horse eating monster. Up until today she was TOTALLY opposed to baths, but today, the cool water was a welcomed treat. She even drank from the water hose.

I am thinking she will get tomorrow off, her nose and my legs just might need a break.

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cHAoS said...

Haha...oh yeah mom...if I am are you!!! Hehe!!!