Saturday, September 6, 2008

More Adjustments...

Thursday morning Sam got to see her favorite vet (you know the one with the cookies) for another chiropractic adjustment. Since she was at his facility this time she got the extra special treatment. He has a area that allows him to be over the horses back so he can manipulate their pelvis more easily, and since this seems to be where Sam is having her problems that is where he wanted to work.

Again she was a trooper but was not so willing to flex for him as she was last time. He laughed and ask me if she was really bothered by flexing or was she just being stubborn. I was standing over to the side laughing as he tried to get her to flex and told him she just didn't want to. He smiled and said "Ah, she remembers" and took off across the room and around the corner. Puzzled, I waited and sure enough he comes back with a hand full of cookies. "Yep, now she will flex" he says as he picks up her lead rope; and she did.

As he works on her, moving her bones around she stands so still. Like her feet are glued to the floor. Sam never fails to amaze me with how calm she can be. The vet was very impressed at how relaxed she was. He spoke about the ligaments near her tail, saying that allot of horses will be very tight, and he can almost pling the ligament when he starts and after he adjusts them it will be so soft and flexible. Sam was so comfortable with what the vet was doing with her that those ligaments were already relaxed. The vet was very pleased with how well she handled his adjustments and scheduled her another appointment for two weeks.

So in two weeks I will haul her back to his place and we will see how she is doing. Stay tuned.

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