Sunday, August 31, 2008


If you have ever found that sweet spot on your horse, that spot that makes their lips quiver. Then you can surely understand the absolute joy I received today just watching Sam get her massage. There were times when she would stand there with her eyes completely closed and her ears laid out like airplane wings. It was fantastic to see her enjoy something so much.

So as promised here are pictures of her completely relaxed and totally enjoying her girl time.

I have watched horses receive massages before but I have never watched one enjoy it as much as Sam seemed to enjoy hers.

It is days like these when I wish could be one of my horses...LOL

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ezra_pandora said...

Hey there. Just saw your blog from VLC's (A Long Way Down). That is hilarious her ears! lol My mare was really skittish and the first time she had a chiropractic adjustment, she had a really weird look on her face too. It was priceless. Definitely going to take pictures next time.