Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Where there is light, there must be shadow...

It is with a heavy heart that I write this entry. News came last evening of a horrible accident, something we knew could happen. Without intervention, it was really only just a matter of time. Without a doubt the best laid plans are subject to the waves of the universe, unfortunately we are subject to the rip currents also. The farrier was coming, photos had been made, research done, but time was working, conspiring against us. Yesterday the last sands ran through the glass for the young mare with the club foot.

Tuesday afternoon as normal routine would have it feeding time, barn chores, a glance into the pasture for the head count. Something isn't right. The bob in her head as she moves is different. A second look, she is coming. Then what time has conspired against us happened. The shoulder dropped, a knee hits the ground. There is no denying what her eyes have witnessed as Bird lays on the ground. She runs to her, and drops to her knees beside the still shocked body of Bird, not believing what her eyes find. Calling for help time seems to stop, the old mare too has gone for help. She returns to her down friend with the other herd members to say their good byes.

Bird's pastern has given up the fight for the fragile binds. Shattered, there is no hope for recovery now. Time is such a precious thing, but when wasted it can turn ugly. 9 years she waited for someone who could, who would do something to help her. Just in sight of the finish line and she stumbled.

Years ago the progression of the twist in her foot could have been stopped. If only her former owner had never given up, had taken a chance on a second opinion. Now we will never know what could have been for Bird. All we know now is that her pain is gone, she is free from her broken body. She is running through the never ending pastures, they wind in her mane.

If ever there was an angel among us I believe her name was Bird. Through the years of neglect and pain, she never lost her sweet nature, stubborn determination, and loyalty. Into our lives these wonderful creatures come, they leave hoof prints on our hearts that can not be erased. Some times they stay with us in body and soul and then there are those who are but brief glimpses of strength, and loyalty.

If there is anything we can learn from the pain left behind. Don't waste time, NEVER give up, when the way is not given, FIND IT. If you can't find it MAKE IT. Do something, even if it is wrong, at least you can say that you tried. The only solace I can find in all of this is, Bird had three weeks of no worries, no hunger. Three weeks of love and devotion, of knowing that someone WANTED her, just because.

Go hug your horses, give them an extra treat today. Cherish these wonderful souls TODAY! Tomorrow, may never come...


Anonymous said...

thank your for that bird will love it. u sounded like u were here with us. im still reeling from all that happened. tears are always close.

Sara said...

Thank you for giving her the 3 best weeks of her life. I have no doubt that she knew she was loved, finally.