Thursday, August 14, 2008

The SOS Bunch.

I believe we have at last convinced little miss light heels that her feet "shall not be used" to express her opinion to her human mom. She is REALLY starting to come around, she is settling into her routine, coming into the barn, going into the stall. Moon has still not gotten over being upset about changing stalls. As a matter of fact I have some barn remodeling to do today. It seems that Moon decided that the Wall needed more ventilation.

I have had some request for pictures of Sammy's pasture mates. So here we go.
This is Moon, she is 3 and is now in training for dressage.

Rusty you will remember is her pasture buddy. She really wants to share a stall with him, so she took Moon's stall so she could be close to him.

Tanner, is the peace keeper. He keeps everyone where they are supposed to be so there is very little picking in the field. However, because Tanner is always the ref he always has nicks to his beautiful coat.
Bonnie is just a few month younger than Sam, and believe it or not is from the same blood lines. This is the size Sam should have been had she not been starved. To look at them together you would never know Sam is 7 months older.

Then there are Trace and Sam's Dam Misty. These two think they are attached at the hip. 9 times out of 10 when you see one of them you will see the other very close by.
So this is the SOS bunch. Out of the 7 horses here only three have never known abuse or neglect. This farm was established to be a haven for abused horses. They all have a forever home here. They have either paid their dues or earned their keep in one way or another.
It seems this blog has turn into more than just a diary of Sam's recovery. I have felt compelled to be a voice for the souls who's voices most people never hear. If just one person is inspired by my horses and change the life of just one other horse, then we together have made a difference. Tipped the scales toward justice a little more.

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