Thursday, June 26, 2008

All Good Things Come With Time...

When looking at Sam I hear my Grandmothers voice telling me "All good things come with time, if it is worth having it is worth waiting for." Truer words I am sure were never spoken, but it isn't any easier to wait now than it was when I was a child.

Sam seems to have reached a holding place in her weight gain. I am sure the 98 degree days have something to do with it but I believe it may be time to worm her again. We just may not have gotten all those little buggers with the first round. So Tomorrow Sam will receive another dose of wormer to get rid of her unwanted companions. I just want her to gain weight and look like the beautiful round horse I can see when I close my eyes. It is hard to be patient, and not get discouraged. I am sure she wants to go out to the big field with the rest of the herd, but that too will come with time. Over all she is doing very well.

She has definitely discovered that people mean something good to eat, and nice scratches on her withers. She has become Velcro when you are out in the field. It doesn't matter what you are doing. She wants to know, she has to see, smell, taste. She is never very far from you if you are inside the fence and if you are outside then she is carefully watching what you are doing and softly nickering her approval. She greets me at the back gate of the barn if she sees me coming, and if not just the call of her name brings a whinny and four pounding feet, as she runs to see you. I have never seen a horse so excited to see people before.

She has become very good for the standard checks, and no longer tries to kick if you touch her tail. Because here in Western Kentucky we have such a problem with ticks, it is a necessity that the horses are checked frequently for ticks in their manes, ears, and tail. She has just realized that it is for the best and doesn't get excited about it.

Her appetite is awesome! As I said before she has decided that people me an something good to eat. She is now eating 7 lbs of safe choice grain, and 2 lbs of rice bran, 2 oz Cocosoya oil, and 1 scoop of Pro-Bios a day along with her own private pasture. She does have company in her small pasture now. Rusty our 16 hand TWH Gelding has been recruited to keep her company until she is ready to join the herd. He however doesn't seem interested in her pasture and prefers to hang out under the oak tree. I am sure he does make his way out there but I so far haven't seen him. However, I did see them napping together under the trees. I was one of those moments that I would have given anything for a camera. Sam was standing hip shot under the oak trees with Rusty's neck draped over her back. He appeared to be asleep and she was dosing. I would have given anything if I could have caught that on film.

It looks like she is going to fit right in here at Southern Oak Stables. Before I know it she will be round, I just have to be patient.

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