Monday, June 2, 2008

This Must Be Horse Heaven...

You never have a camera when you need one! Yesterday during Sam's supervised yard turn out/hand grazing session in my back yard, she decided she wanted to roll. What makes this such a photo op lost is that she didn't just roll, she was multitasking. She laid down rolled a couple of times on one side, grabbed a couple mouth fulls of grass, and rolled a few more times, grabbed more grass, rolled over to the other sided, raised up in the curled up position shook her head and just stayed there grazing on what she could reach. Rolled some more, grazed some more and when she decided there wasn't anything else she wanted in reach, she got up shook off and strolled across the yard to the next luscious plot of grass that met her approval. My friend and I laughed because it was just way to cute to watch her enjoy the tender grass of the back yard. She has no interest in running wild, anytime you want to approach her she is totally fine with that. I believe she has finally decided that she has found the mother load of grass, and grain.

I really do wish I had gotten photos of her lounging and eating but as you know somethings are always just better in the memories.

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BuckdOff said...

Thanks for showing her and telling the stories, I think it's so great when a horse gets another chance 'cause someone steps up..