Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oh, What A Difference...

You know somewhere inside I have been waiting and wondering when she was going to wake up. I knew she couldn't be that sweet and willing. I knew it couldn't be this easy. What was I thinking?

As with everything else there is always some bad to go along with the good things in life. WELL let me tell you, Sam woke up. Her sweet beguiling ways lulled me into thinking this was going to be easy. HA! No such luck. Today was an interesting adventure and up until this point I had simply not challenged Sam, she hadn't been anywhere she wasn't supposed to be; she hadn't been bad so there was no reason to correct her. However, today I needed to work in the round pen with another young horse and that required Sam to stay out. Before I could get the one horse in (that didn't want to go) and close the gate Sam had taken up residence in the round pen. She had no intention of leaving, I tried shooing her out and that didn't work. I tried lightly driving her out and that is when it happened. SMACK!! her left hind foot connected with my right hip as she made her exit out the gate. Fortunately I was close enough that it was a light hit, but you would never know it from the bruise. :-0 I was stunned to say the least but nothing was injured but my pride. So I closed the gate and continued to work with the young horse who through all this was a perfect angel. She by the way was very good for her lesson on collection today. Only two moments of locking up. I was very proud of her. Now back to little miss light heels. After I finished with LGF(large gray filly)and put her away, I went back to collect Little Miss Light Heels and have a little lesson in ground manners. We went into the round pen and worked on yielding. She did really good and seemed to be picking up very quickly so I decided we would continue our lesson in the cross-ties. She was being a little lady, until I started brushing her mane, and it was like someone else took over. She threw the biggest hissy I have ever seen. So I politely removed myself from harms way and let her have her throw down kick the wall, fit. When she was finished she had busted her lip (not badly) and decided that wasn't getting her anywhere. I finished brushing her mane and tail gave her a treat, and some fly spray and turned her loose in her pasture.

Wow, is all I can say. This is going to be a real adventure for me. I feel sure that when we are finished she will be a respectable, safe, and sane horse. But the road to good manners is going to be a bumpy one I am afraid. Wish me luck.

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