Monday, December 8, 2008

I really don't know how they do it...

Farriers that is. I have been a bad horsey mom and have let my horses feet get a little behind on trimming. So today, my daughter and I trimmed horses or three of the 7 anyway. I don't know how farriers do it, I mean I can do one or two a day but I just can't imagine doing a barn full everyday. WOW, after trimming Rusty, Tanner and Trace I was done for the day. My back is still hurting and I did part of it sitting on a bucket. LOL

At least my crew are good about having their feet trimmed so I can sit on a bucket to help my back some. I just can't imagine wrestling with one who doesn't like it. Sammy is the only one who gives me any trouble and it is minimal at worst. I generally save her for a day when I do not have to do anyone else. I can take my time with her, give her breaks, and it helps. She has gotten better about it so it isn't so bad anymore.

Today she stood and watched with the most curious look. She has never been in the barn with the other horses were being trimmed so there is no telling what she was thinking.

Is anyone else out there doing the "Bare Foot" Trimming? If you are I would love to hear about your challenges.

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