Sunday, December 7, 2008

Telling Tales...

Horses play we all know that, but the games they play sometimes absolutely blow my mind. Sometimes I stand there in complete awe at some of the silly things that amuse them.

The weather being what it is around here frozen water tanks are an every day thing. I have one tank that is close enough to the barn for a heater and one out in the large field. I keep the one with the heater full and the one out in the field I fill to about half full so they will drink it down and if it does freeze solid I can still flip it over without cracking the tank.

Well most of the horses just love to drink out of the tank while the water is running, a couple of them will even stick their nose under the running water and play. Well, Sammy comes up as I am filling the tank in the big field. The water is hitting on of the rings in the Rubbermaid tank causing it to splatter. She just stands there for a minute watching it, and the light is making the little droplets of water sparkle. After a bit she sticks her nose down in the tank, sticks out her tongue and starts trying to catch the drops. It reminded me of a kid catching snow flakes on their tongue. I stood there with my mouth open completely speechless until I began to giggle.

She just kept it up and then finally decided it was easier to get a drink the normal way. When she had finished drinking she stood there and watched the water splatter until the level was high enough that it quit spattering and then wandered back out to the rest of the herd.

Now I have watched horses play in water, I have watch two horses play in the tank, I have even had on climb in the tank, I have a horse who likes to drink right out of the water hose, but this takes the cake. I have never seen a horse try to catch water drops when there is a good 12 inches of water in the tank to drink from.

I can't imagine what was going through her mind, but I would sure like to know.

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