Friday, December 26, 2008

Sammy's First Christmas

Well, not her first but most likely the best. Christmas morning met Miss Sammy with frosty delight. She ran thought the field with her tail flying high. No more does she worry about what tomorrow may bring, no more does she feel like an unwanted thing. She knows more love that she could ever imagine as she sprints from the barn yard to meet her companions. No more empty bellies on stone cold nights. She has found a place to run in her joyous flight.

This Christmas found Sammy warm and toasty in her bed. More hay than she required and safe with her friends. She thinks that she's lucky, she has won the jackpot. Just the tip of an iceberg isn't even a thought. She is sure that the past was only a dream. No Christmas before has been so warm, no Christmas before has been so full.

I watched her as she munched on her own private bale, thinking that I will always remember this day. Sammy's first Christmas with no worries, and no hunger pains. She is warm this year. Her body armored against the cold. She has curves, and a sparkle amazing to behold.

Merry Christmas from all At Southern Oak Stables.

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