Sunday, December 21, 2008

Will Wonders Never Cease?

It is cold here, 11 deg with -2 Windchill. So today I broke out the blankets. Everyone's blanket still fits Yeah! I had one that would fit Moon as she has finally grown up. The poor girl has had to have a new blanket every year. Of course everyone reacted as expected to the promise of a warm blanket save one.

I expected Sammy to react as any young horse who had 1) never seen a blanket let alone worn one and 2) hadn't really been exposed to anything that large going over her head. What she did was not only completely stunning but was repeated through the trials of three different blankets. I have a variety of sizes due to having young horses but AGGGG she is between sizes.

So here is the deal. I saved her for last because I wanted to see what I would have left. As I approached her with this huge horse eating thing, her eyes got larger, her ears dropped out to the side and she froze in her tracks. Ok I can work with this. I braced myself for the blot when I placed the closed front blanket over her head but it didn't happen. She actually stepped into it and then onto it. Tap, tap, tap, move your foot honey. She calmly picked up her foot freeing the blanket and as I suspected I had WAY to much hanging off the end. Sigh. Back over her head and over again with another. Same reaction, but this time not enough blanket. One more time over the head and this one will do. It is large but close enough. the belly strap is taken up as far as I can but we will see how it works. Straps done up in the back and no kicking or bolting. WOW

The turn out was fantastic! All the horses make their laps around the field and Sammy is no different. Only her belly strap comes loose and as she runs along it swings free. She then does the one thing I NEVER expected. She came running straight to me and stopped. My daughter and I fixed the strap and off she goes again. This time she is fine.

She wanted it fixed. She acted so proud to have a blanket and she acted like she wanted to wear it. She absolutely blows my mind. Moon doesn't like her blanket that much and she has worn one since she was a baby.

Could it be that she really was proud to have her own blanket? I think maybe so but I know this for sure. I have horses that will help you put their blankets on and the way she acted is too much for words. I just don't know what to expect next.

ETA - Sammy now has a new blanket all her own, that fits her just right. I will post a photo of her later. I think Lavendar Red is her color! *giggle*

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